Stylists! Before you freak out when you have down time.
I want you to ask yourself these 2 questions:
 “What can I do to grow my business” “Am I willing to do whatever it takes to get clients in my chair”?

The stylists that are successful in this business are asking themselves these very questions. They are not waiting on the salon owner to promote them. They are not waiting for the salon owner to post about them on social media. They are not waiting for them to get them business cards, so they can go out and tell them where to go to networking events. They are taking initiative and they are doing all the extra things that they can do on their down time that will help them build their business behind the chair.

I have a few tips and tools that I want you guys to go through; like a check list when you have downtime in the salon. Here we go.......

Tip #1    
This is hands-down (and people laugh at me all the time) is so important, but this is one thing that you can always do when you have down time: Grab a rag, a towel, grab some cleaner and clean the salon. People ask why this is so important. It is important because this is one of the top five reasons why clients are leaving your salon: Cleanliness. It’s the #4 reason why clients leave a salon! They leave a salon if they feel that the salon is dirty, if they feel that their station is dirty, or if the stylist isn’t cleaning up hair after they are done before letting them sit down. They are going to find another salon to go to where they feel it is cleaner. So, you can never go wrong with grabbing a rag, grabbing some cleaner, and cleaning the entire salon and making it dust free. 

Tip #2    
Write out “we miss you” cards. Every quarter you should you should sit down (sit down with the salon owner if you are not an independent artist) and go through the clients that you haven’t seen in a while. On your point of sale system, there is a report you can print out that will show you this information. Send a postcard in the mail saying “Hi Susie! It has been so long since I have seen you. Come back in and enjoy a $10 gift towards your next experience.” You know, clients leave sometimes not because they had a bad time or they didn’t like hair. Sometimes clients just like to try new things. However, clients also feel bad when they leave, so they feel bad when if they want to come back. If you send them a “we miss you” card it lets them know that you are totally ok with keeping your doors open to them and allowing them back into your space. So, always write out “we miss you” cards every three months and get those people back that left for whatever reason.

Tip #3    
Take time to plan out your social media posts. This is such a big, big deal. Social media is huge right now. Aside from referrals, it is the #1 way to attract new business. So, collect your photos, your before and after shots, create some before and after videos, make retail videos, or educational videos. Get all your content together and what you want to post on Instagram and Facebook and start making a library for all this stuff. Then… start posting it. Do Instagram stories and Facebook stories, do all these things that are going to keep you so active, present, and in front of your audience all the time. It is very time-consuming to grow a business on social media. So, you have to make the time and the perfect time to do this is when you have down time, because this is putting the energy in to getting new clients in your chair. So please focus on your social media when you have down time.

Tip #4    
My last tip is to watch educational videos - balayage, haircuts, pixie cuts, color melting, etc. Whatever you are into, whatever you feel like you want to learn. Always fill yourself with education. So, after you have done all the things listed above, watch some videos. If you want to take it one step further, if you have doll heads in your salon, grab them and start practicing on them. Try new techniques, try some new hair painting techniques, some new Balayage techniques. Start playing around with this stuff so you can be the absolute best that you can be technically behind the chair for your clients. Clients love to see that you are practicing. They love to see that you are trying new techniques and ideas on a doll head first before you try it on them. Always invest in yourself. Always make sure you are educating yourself, whether you are watching tutorial on YouTube or you are actually practicing on a doll head in your salon.

I hope that you use these tips you when you have downtime. Please don’t sit in the backroom. You are not going to grow your business or make any money back there. Of course, you need to take a lunch break, but I want you to continue to invest in yourself and utilize your time wisely.       

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Nina Tulio

Lisa Huff- Suite Owner
Primp. Hair Studio, Lincoln, IL
Instagram: @lisahuffhair
Facebook: /LisaHuffHair

Meet Lisa! If you are not following her, I highly recommend you do. Lisa has been in the industry for over 7 years. "I started off at a budget family commission styled salon and worked at a few different ones before going independent." She is now a studio suite owner in central Illinois. Lisa moved to a small town, but did not let that stop her. She has really built up her business and is making a serious name for herself in this business. You also have to check out her blog. She has everything from her favorite products to interviews with other stylists! 
As always, we hope this interview will motivate you, inspire you, and encourage you, to continue to share your love and passion for the beauty industry. Enjoy and be sure to follow her social pages and check out more of her awesome work! 

1.    You mentioned you moved into a new town, tell me how you were able to grow your business in a town where you did not have a following?

I got very intentional with social media. I Created a website, started asking my clients to leave reviews and sharing their pictures. There’s lot more complex details, but that’s in a nutshell. I used Britt Seva’s Thrivers Society which gave me a detailed plan to follow.

2.    Besides giving a great cut and color what do you feel is also important in terms of retaining clients? 

Guest experience is the most important thing in my opinion. Start to finish making your client feel special, so much so to where they are addicted to coming to get their hair done. I try my best to make it their special self-care event.

3.    What is your biggest accomplishment? What are you most proud of in your career?

I just won the reader’s choice award in my town for best hairstylist and that’s probably my proudest moment right now.

4.    What 3 things would you tell new stylists to look for when searching for their first salon job?

Make sure it’s the right tribe. No drama zone. There’s nothing that I can’t stand more than women who bad mouth other women.
You should get a good “feeling” when you walk in. I don’t know how else to describe it other than intuition. I walk into my studio every day and it just FEELS good.
Make sure you can afford it. Don’t set yourself up for failure, do some serious number crunching and make sure you have more than enough saved. 

5.    What advice would you give your younger self as you were just starting out in the industry?

Don’t settle. Understand that you can be the best of the best. Stay focused and believe in yourself.

6.    You are all about educating your clients and potential clients on your social media platforms, which I love. How do you feel by taking this approach it helps you attract your perfect target clients?

I think people can see from social media how serious I take my profession. It helps instantly put me in the driver’s seat. And then I’m sure to maintain that through the rest of the relationship. I always under promise and over deliver, I keep my clients expectations very realistic by providing knowledge on why I do things the way I do them.

7.    Give me some of your best social media tips when attracting new clients and engaging with potential clients.

Consistency. Storytelling. And be a real person. Interact, ask questions, build relationships.

8.    Tell me 3 things stylists must do consistently behind the chair to become a true success in this business?

1.    Killer consultations
2.    Excellent customer service.
3.    Serious boundaries.

Nina Tulio