The Profitability Guide System


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This class is geared toward commission salon owners!

Salon Owners!
-Do you feel like you work so hard in your business and see little to no profit? 
-Do you need a little guidance on what areas you should be paying attention to in order to build a profitable business? 
- Do you feel so overwhelmed within your business and just don't even know where to start in terms of financials and profit margins?  

NOT TO WORRY! I have got you covered! 

Do you know how much money you have coming in and going out every month? Do you know exactly what you need to bring in every day, week, and month, to cover your expenses, plus make a profit?
Are you ready to dive deep into the financial side of your business? Let's do it! 

In this online class you will learn all the tips and secrets in order to get your financials in line with your target profit. 
If you want to truly understand how to take your business to a 20% profit, you have to check out this online class. You will learn all about:
-Ordering and inventory- How to cut down those costs using my budget sheet. 
-Revenue and expenses- How to be sure ahead of time, you know exactly what you need in revenue to cover your expenses every month
-Money management- where you should be spending and cutting back.

Just working on these few areas can greatly increase your profit margins! 

And my full page profitability guide that will show you exactly where you need to be in each category to start to work toward a 20% profit!  YOU IN? 

-My profitability guide system comparison sheet
- Monthly budget sheet
- I even throw in a start up list for NEW owners! 

*If you have taken my Salon Owners School of Business 6 week online course, you already have this class in the course! xo Nina
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