a business building webinar created just for hairstylists! 

Session 1 INCLUDES 3,


Independent Artists
Junior Stylists
Senior Stylists
Master Stylists

INCLUDED FOR FREE: You will also receive a pdf version of a daily stylist tracking sheet. Bonus session that is all about goal setting for success.

In this incredible webinar series you will learn:

  • It's not just about hair it's the way you treat people
  • The importance of first impressions 
  • How to market yourself to attract your perfect client
  • How to attract 3-5 NEW clients a week
  • How to become social media savvy
  • Networking with the best of them
  • Promotions that work
  • The Power Of Positivity behind the chair
  • Goal setting for success
  • Confidence is key. 
  • Personal growth and how it translates to growth behind the chair

SESSION 1- YOUR TARGET MARKET AND SOCIAL MEDIA- In this first session I will teach you about how to identify your target ,market, how to attract your target market , and how to speak to your target market through social media to help you attract new clients. I will also share with you the ins and outs on how to maximize your posts and connect with your audience through social media, the best aps to use for marketing, and much, much more.

SESSION 2- HOW TO ATTRACT 3-5 NEW CLIENTS A WEEK- In this second session we will discuss how networking, strategic partnerships, and that perfect referral program, can help you build your book behind the chair. We will also talk about creative promotions that work, how educating your clients will bring you new business, and loyalty programs to build your client retention.

SESION 3- PERSONAL GROWTH AND THE POWER OF POSITIVITY - How investing in yourself will build your book behind the chair. This industry is not just about hair. It's about the way you treat your clients, the way you make them feel, and understanding how this means everything in terms of growing and keeping your clientele. 

BONUS SESSION 15 minutes! - GOAL SETTING FOR SUCCESS! I will teach you how to set goals, how to track them, and how to utilize this to not only grow your book, but to grow personally as well.

WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING ........ "If you are struggling with any areas as an independent stylist or a business owner, Nina is the person to call. She is truly an inspiration. She can handle anything that comes her way. She will do whatever it takes to help you take your skills to the next level. Without her help, I would never be as confident and motivated as I am now. Working with Nina has been a life changing experience!!!!" Stefanie C

Invest in Yourself today! ONLY $99! You can replay these webinars at your leisure!