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Who wants to double their weekly retail sales? I want you to sell more retail! But more so, I want you to feel confident and comfortable while your doing it. Did you know the number 1reason why clients are not purchasing retail is because stylists are not offering it? Let's change that! You can double your weekly retail sales by just adding in a few of these great tips you will learn from this webinar.
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How planting the seeds of product during your consultations will increase your weekly sales.
How educating your clients will increase your retail sales
How to talk retail with out sounding like a salesperson
Transitioning from the chair to the front desk while talking retail
How to handle those "I use drug store product comments" with confidence
How to turn your "maybe" client into a "yes" client
How to handle rejection in a positive way
Goal setting to sell more products
Retail Promotions that WORK

 Come on guys! Let's get excited about selling retail, providing the client with powerful information about products, and in turn, making more money! I CAN'T WAIT!