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This webinar will be jam packed with creative, yet effective ways to gain 3-5 NEW clients a week. I want you to attract that perfect 4-6 week client that will build your book and eventually lead you to financial freedom. But first! You must know who your target client is in order to attract right? Who is your perfect client? What do they look like ? Where do they work? We will talk about all of this and more in just 1 short hour. 

- Have you been behind the chair for more than 3 years, yet find yourself only 50% booked? 
- Are you attracting that good ole one timer client?
- Are you attracting clients that CANNOT afford you?
- Are you out of ideas and feel like you have lost momentum behind the chair?

 I will share everything I know about attracting the PERFECT client just for you.
We will discuss:
- Creative Promotions
- Social media
- Referral programs
- Strategic partnerships
- How educating your clients keeps them coming back
- Networking tips
- How your attitude effects your growth behind the chair

What ever it takes to get you busy....... Let's do it!  N

Nina Tulio