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"Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey. It has been an honor to watch you grow both personally and professionally."  Nina Tulio



I have LOVED working with Nina over the last few months. Even though she is based across the world from me, she has been amazing. Lots of fresh ideas for my salons and I know my figures inside and out. Thank you so much for you help.

Katie G.
KG Salon

The Team and I at G salon! Such a great Day!

The Team and I at G salon! Such a great Day!

I started working with Nina one month ago, and in that short time, I've learned more about my business than I've known in twelve years of owning my salon! Her approach is direct, her information is invaluable, her knowledge of the salon industry is incomparable, and she is a genuinely caring human being! I've worked with Nina both one-on-one and with my team, and we have already made huge strides in implementing systems to grow both the salon and the stylists. Invest in yourself and your business, whether you're just starting out or you've been an owner for a while, and let Nina show you ways you've never dreamed of to build and elevate your brand...contacting Nina was the best thing I could have done for myself, my team and my salon...once you work with Nina, I know you will agree!! 

Gail A.
G Salon


Thank you to my coach Nina !! When I almost threw in the towel, you were there to support me , help me & taught me so much personal growth along with business. I'm so very blessed to have found you. My only regret is that it was much sooner. I also want to thank you for being you and never sugar coating anything. You said it to me like it was and that's what pushed me to go on. I am forever grateful!! I have a long ways to go, but I know with you coaching and mentoring me, I will do just fine! xoxo

Sandra G.
Studio 22


To be honest, I was hesitant to start this process and not sure what to expect, but I felt that this was the right time to bring an outsider in to work with my team. I am so glad that I worked with Nina; it has been eyeopening, motivating, and set us on the right path once again. Nina helped guide my team members, and myself into becoming a better salon as a whole. Her marketing, social media, and customer services skills taught us just how important it is to capture our work and self promote. I loved her energy, enthusiasm, and ability to give it to me straight! She is honest, passionate about what she does, and will put you (and your team!) to the task. Cannot wait to see what more she has in store for us! It has been a pleasure working with her.

Melissa S.
Ciao Bella Salon




Having Nina coach me helped me grow my business behind the chair because she showed me what to do and not to do in this industry. She showed my how important social media is and how to target the demographic of clients that I needed. She motivated on a daily basis and constantly pushed me to do better. She worked with me and helped me become a better stylist because she was very familiar with the industry, so she knew the in's and out's.

Nina also mentored me and helped me become confident in myself.  I have grown, not only professionally, but personally. I was a very shy person and always doubted myself. Having Nina guid me, helped me become a better stylist, mother, and person. I've grown so much and have built a confidence in myself that others can see. I've learned that in order to be successful, I need to start within me. Nina helped me break down the walls of doubt that I can become a better person, which made people trust me and what I do. Now I feel like I can tackle anything that is thrown my way!

Elaine G.
Rooted Salon

Came across Nina at the perfect time. I have been wanting to switch from suite owner to salon owner but was feeling overwhelmed and wanted to make sure I was 100% ready to ensure my salon was a success. I purchased the Salon Leader webinar series and it was AMAZING! I was able to take advantage of a deal that was going on where she included a free consultation to the first few people who bought the webinar. We talked for just short of an hr and I felt as if she was an old friend and mentor right away. She is just the most genuine person. I was able to get my thoughts organized and get a game plan together on how to grow my business in a way that I hadn't before. I LOVED the PDF files she threw in with the webinar as well. I'll be catching all the webinars from here on out! I want to add one more thing. After we consulted I ran into a business issue that I needed advice on, I messaged her and she was so sweet to respond with kind words of help and support. I can't stress enough how you can feel her genuine spirit and you can tell she really enjoys helping people. If you are on the fence, spend the money to invest in your self and your business and you will not be disappointed!!! 

Jaime Q.
Top Knot Hair Design

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