SYNERGY 2019! 

SYNERGY 2019 has come to an end! BUT…… I will see you next year in New Hampshire at SYNERGY 2020!
Stay tuned for dates and times!

Are you …Frustrated, overworked and tired, can’t find stylists, working to keep your doors open, a bit lost because you have no systems in place for your client experience and your team, have a lot of turn over or a team walk out, or just plain old need some guidance and some inspiration from someone who has already walked in your shoes?

I can promise you this workshop will be unlike any other business building workshop you have ever attended. We will be working from the ground up, the foundation of your business. And guess what that is? YOU! 

Day 1 will be all about personal development. Digging deep into the depths of your WHY, rediscovering your WHY and your purpose. We will also spend a good amount of time understanding why you run your business the way you do. The characteristics in your life run parallel to the way you run your business, and we will dig deep into it for sure!  
My goal is to get you to fall in love with yourself all over again or maybe even for the first time! ( As tears fall down my face as I write this.)  This will be a very intimate and personal 2 day learning experience on which we will share with other like minded salon owners on the same path and journey as you! Learn to run your business from a very confident space and rediscover the leader within! 
Day 1 consists of: Your why, Your Purpose, Lead to Succeed, Team Development including the power of one on one coaching sessions, compensation packages, and so much more.

Day 2 consists of: Business Development, Salon growth systems, discovering your brand, discovering your salon culture, white glove customer service, money management including expenses, and budgeting, and how to target a 20% profit. All the tools you need to build a success, and profitable salon business. 

We will also work in groups, we will share stories, we will laugh, we will cry for sure, and we will build relationships with each other that will truly last a lifetime.

I am beyond excited to share this journey with you all! Thank you so much! xo, Nina

Synergy PA and Synergy New Hampshire 2019!