INVESTMENT- $399 (regular price $1350)



Are you ready for round 2 of the school of business? I am so excited to release more classes. I have 4 more classes for you and a bonus class as well. This second session will be filled with a ton more information. The classes will be about an hour long. I truly want you all to continue to thrive and grow your salon business in the best way possible. 

Here is the schedule:
WEEK 1- How to create the perfect Facebook and Instagram ad that will bring in more of your perfect client. I will actually show you how. 
WEEK 2- How to have effective one on one coaching session. Topics, numbers, and how this will build loyal team members. I go through this step by step. 
WEEK 3- How to handle difficult team members. We will discuss different scenarios and how to handle them.
WEEK 4- Exit strategy for you and your business. If you are thinking of backing away behind the chair or even selling your business, there is a process for this to happen. I share all the details. 

BONUS- Hiring and training the perfect assistant that will grow with your business. 

Are you ready to get started?