THe Salon Owners School of Business SESSION 1
Enrollment is currently closed but will open back up in the spring of 2018! 

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Regular price is $999. Plus you will receive access to my PDF Files for FREE which are valued at $350.
Total value = $1349
Total savings = $950


- New salon owners
- Seasoned Salon Owners
- Potential Salon Owners
- Independent Artists

Salon Owners! Are you feeling stressed? Do you worry about how you will continue to hire new team members and keep them to help you build your business? Do you feel like you are just working to keep your doors open with minimal or no profit? Do you feel like you are running in circles just to keep your salon afloat? If you answered yes to any of these questions this course is just what you need!

If you are ready to make some big changes, implement new strategies, become a better leader for your team, and build the salon business you have always dreamed of, the time is now! This 6 week online course will include 1 webinar each week( you can watch it anytime) that will be jammed packed with information on how to build a succesful salon business! A while back, I asked salon owners what their challenges were within their business, and I listened to every word. Here is what we will learn:

- Leadership- it all starts with you salon owners. Let's set the tone for success within your business.
- Benchmarks and goals- 6 key areas of focus to grow your business
- How to attract and hire strong, focused team members
- Creative ways to attracting new business for your brand with new client promotions, plus how to keep your clients
  with referral, loyalty programs,thank you cards, and more. 
- Team coaching- How to keep your stylists and build a successful team
- Money management- Profit margins, cash flow ,and budget
- Marketing, email campaigns, clients surveys, social media, in salon specials, and more
- Branding- how to define your who, what, where, and why, so your salon can be a stand out amongst your                    competitors



- Classes start January 22, and enrollment opens January 3rd.
- Once you sign up and create your login information, you will receive an email with your payment receipt, and you      will be redirected to the welcome page for the Salon Owners School Of Business Online Course. 
- Starting January 22, and for the next 5 Mondays, each morning, you can log in to your account and there will be 1,    30-45 minute webinar with our topic for that week waiting for you. Not to worry, you can replay each webinar at         your leisure. 
- At the end of each webinar you will also be given some "homework" or some things I want you to start working on        and applying to your business. I will be sure to break down everything step by step for you.
- Throughout the course, you will also find my PDF files such as my handbook, scripts, job descriptions, and more! These are all included for FREE! (valued at $350)
- When our 6 week session is completed, I will be hosting a FREE LIVE Q and A webinar, so I can answer any questions you    may have written down along the way.  (valued at $200)

Here is the course schedule:

WEEK 1- For the LOVE of Leadership.
WEEK 3- TEAM with a capital T
WEEK 4- BUILDING your business with BENCHMARKS
WEEK 6- Manage that MONEY