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Think of this program like Netflix for the beauty industry. You will have categories to pick from with videos in each category. You can start in the area where you feel you would like to grow the most right now. You can also go back and use these videos as a reference point in your business. 3-6 New videos will be released on the 25th of the month.

My goal in creating the Empowered Salon Owner and The Empowered Hairstylist, is to create mind blowing education that is budget friendly and available to all stylists and owners at every level. I want you to feel inspired and empowered so you build your business from a space of confidence!

My Long term goal is to help you create a life of financial freedom, live a fulfilled and abundant life, that is happy, healthy, wealthy (not just $) all the while you are and working smarter not harder!

Imagine how you would feel having a clear plan of action for your future. Imagine what it would feel like to have a plan on how to get out of debt and how to manage your money so you can be financially free. Imagine how it would feel to be up almost 10K in service sales over last Year. What if you went on your Instagram with a clear strategy, knowing how to attract your perfect guest? Can you feel it? It feels good. It feels stress free. It feels fresh and new. It feels like you will have more time to spend with friends and family, better yet more time on YOU!


Want even more good news? You can join the hairstylist program for 83 CENTS a day. And the Salon owners/renters and suite owners program for only $1.50 A DAY. You can join this amazing program for less than buying a KIND bar or a cup of coffee. So lets’ get to it my friends!


" I just charged my worth today for the First time in a long time and I didn't even hesitate to say the total.
Thank you Nina for your membership. I am learning so much!!" 
Michelle G.

"It's amazing! I feel like I am already learning so much in such a short time!"
Abby S.

"I just started today and seriously I'm obsessed. Love the vibe and all the great knowledge. Thank you!" 

“Loving these videos Nina! BEST investment ever! You are amazing!”
Jocelyn H.

“Just finished watching the Instagram video in the Empowered Hairstylist. GAME CHANGER!
I cannot wait to start taking better pics. In the meantime I am finding old pics that I can sharpen and repost”
Andrea R.

”If you haven’t heard about Nina and 1N Agency, I highly recommend her. I have learned so much from
her monthly membership, there is so much info! The price is excellent for the amount of knowledge you get.”

Susan L.

“What I love about Nina’s online membership program is how comprehensive it is!!  Nina knows this business inside and out:
from: Team Building,Marketing,Goal Setting,Financial, and Instagram. This is just a few of her courses. She is always creating valuable content.
Her heart is in this program and you can really see it. Her understanding of crunching numbers if vital. Her goal is to help every business owner turn a  reasonable profit.  Her insight in leadership is key!  She brings in many other valuable influences to enhance her course. I love the way Nina coaches.  She delivers advice with such encouraging heart that you believe you can achieve your goals. This is why her course is amazing!!”
Maureen M.


The Empowered Salon Owner!
This is created for commissioned Owners, potential salon owners, suite owners, and chair renters that are serious about learning all aspects of building a successful, sustainable, salon business. team building will be a topic in this group.

Investment per month- $45 per month after 7 day FREE. ($1.50 per day)
This is will be an automatic, reoccurring, monthly payment. You can cancel at any time! At least 3-6 NEW videos will be released on the 25th of the month. AND you will receive an thank you email with all the details including a link to my private FB group!

Currently there is 12 Collections:
Inspiration and Motivation
Goal setting and benchmarks
Grow your business now
Team Building
Client Systems
Chair renters/suite owners
Business Models and Structure
Social Media Marketing



*If you are a renter or suite owner, I HIGHLY recommend the owners version. It is more in depth on business building and budgeting your business as a whole, as opposed to building your book behind the chair.

The Empowered Hairstylist-
Investment per month- $25 after 7 day free trial.
(83 cents a day.)
This is will be an automatic, reoccurring, monthly payment. You can cancel at any time! At least 3-6 NEW videos will be released on the 25th of the month. AND you will receive an thank you email with all the details including a link to my private FB group!

Business Building
Inspirational and motivational
Goal Setting and Benchmarks


I am SO excited to announce my

It’s because of all of you that have supported my program that has allowed me to put this program together. And I thank you more than you know!

With your help and support for my monthly program... we are now at a point where 5% of EVERY dollar generated from my membership program, will be Donated to a local non profit EVERY month. The donations will be made in the form of supplies , or any items on the non profit’s wish list. If they need money. Money is what they will receive.

But! Do you want to hear the really great news? Every quarter I will choose a member from my program and I will have YOU choose a local non profit that is near and dear to your heart.
I will then donate in your honor! JOIN THE GIVEBACK CLUB!


Monthly Membership Terms and Conditions CLICK HERE …. * If you do not cancel your free trial before the 7th day, you will be charged the regular price.