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RGULAR PRICE: $599 Plus you will receive $300 in FREE education and scripts! TOTAL VALUE= $899


Are you a hairstylist that is feeling frustrated because you are just not attracting your perfect target client? Do you feel like you are not growing as fast as you would like behind the chair? Maybe you are attracting new clients, but for some reason they are just not coming back! Are you feeling stuck or maybe even at a cross road within your career? Maybe you just need some inspiration! Let's take it back to your why! We are so lucky to be in an industry that allows us to make people look and feel better about themselvs on a regular basis. We have the power to change the way people feel about themselves. How cool is that? Can it be challenging at times? YES! Is it a lot of hard work and commitment? TOTALLY! Is it totally rewarding, totally worth it, and unlike any other industry? HELL YES!

If you are a stylist looking for change, growth, and success behind the chair! This bootcamp is for you! 
 Are you ready to learn:

- New and creative ways to build your business behind the chair
- Social Media Success
- All about promotions that work to attract new business
- How to wow your clients by making the best first impression
- How to increase your pre booking rate
- How to increase your retention rate with opening and closing consultations
- How to increase your referrals with creative programs that work
- How to increase your retail sales
- How to set benchmarks, set goals, and the important numbers to track
- How to offer a 5 star experience that will set you apart form your competition
- How add on services can change the game for your clients and for your income
- How to set up a plan of action for your financial future

This bootcamp will give you information that you can start applying to you business right away.
Here's how it works...
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- You will select the tab, Business In Beauty Bootcamp
- After payment you will receive an email with your receipt and an email from member space regarding your new account
- Within a day or so you will receive a welcome email with more information on how bootcamp works
- Each week I will release 1- 30 minute webinar on 1 subject,  OR  2- 30 minute webinars on two different subjects. 6 topics in total! 
- You will have access to watch each webinar at your leisure
- You will also receive some homework and things I want you to apply behind the chair ASAP

You will also receive a FREE copy of my goal setting webinar, my Scripts webinar, and my PDF file with all the scripts tracking sheet, goal setting worksheet, quick links and all you need to make your life so much easier. ( value of $300)
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