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I am so excited to announce my partnership with the Hair dojo! REad more about who they are below! 
Be sure to check out my 1N agency channel, along with other amazing brands
and educators in the industry. 

HairDojo is a connection hub for the Hair Industry. Conceptualized by a hairstylist salon owner, its purpose is to connect students, apprentices, stylists and salons with each other and the distributors and manufacturers that provide the tools and education in the industry. It is also a platform to democratize education by hosting and promoting your own workshops and finding other workshops and classes taught by independent, talented stylists and salons.Use Hair Dojo for:

  • Finding apprenticeships and apprentices
  • Finding talented stylists and hiring salons
  • Finding local independent and corporate education workshops
  • Hosting your own ticketed workshops
  • Finding educators for your brand and opportunities to become an educator
  • Learning about new brands and products
  • Watching Live and On-Demand streaming education
  • Streaming your workshops on your own channel

Have some salon business questions? Be sure to submit your questions to the Hair Dojo Instagram page, and look for my answers every Tuesday!