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In Salon Workshop at Hair Canvas

I am super excited to start off the year with an awesome worksop at Hair Canvas. Goals, benchmarks, social media, money management, and more. You name it, we will cover it. I promise you! This class will give you all the tools you need to create your own success behind the chair! I can't wait to share this day with you guys! 

Join us at Hair Canvas
246 New Haven Ave
Milford, Ct 06460

Independent Artists
Commissioned Stylists
Salon Owners

In this jam packed 3 hour class you will learn:

- How to Use Instagram and Facebook to turn potential clients into real clients in your chair
- How to attract your perfect target client
- Promotions that actually work to build your book
- How to build a book of clients by creating the perfect referral program
- The importance of money management in order to create a life of financial freedom
- The importance of goal setting, benchmarks, and tracking your number

Early sign up- $59
Regular price- $69



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Salon Scripts for Salon Owners and Hairstylists- A little something to make your life easier!  Only $30

Who will benefit from this webinar?
New and seasoned salon owners
Independent Artists
New and seasoned stylists

Why you need will love this webinar-
This will help make your life a little easier, grow your business, build your book, and make you feel more confident in the way interact with your clients on a regular basis. 

SALON OWNERS! Have you ever found yourself thinking, Man, how do I respond to that yelp review? How should I respond to that unhappy client? OR, I wish I had a script for my receptionist so he or she knows exactly how to greet our guests in person and over the phone. What about scripts for thank you notes, or we miss you cards, that can help you get your back those clients you haven't seen in a while! What about intake forms? Do you have one to welcome your new guests? Not to worry, I have that for you too. 

STYLISTS! I have the top 4 scripts that will change the way your build your business behind the chair. 
1. We will discuss the script on the 1 promotion to that will ensure more referrals. 
2. Looking to increase your pre booking rate? I have the 2 sentences that can change the game for your pre booking rate.
3. Looking to increase your client retention for new guests? I have the answer. If you add this one line to your closing script, you can increase your retention rate in no time. 
4. Unhappy with your retail sales? Not any more! I will teach you 3 things to add to your retail script that will have you blowing shampoo and conditioner off your shelves. 

If you are new to some of these ideas, not to worry. I will go over each one with you.
You will receive a FREE copy of my Script PDF file to download, with every, single script you will ever need to make your life easier and grow your business and your book behind the chair! So all you have to do is copy and paste, tweak them if you need to, and you are on your way to success! 



Only $30

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This class is great for:

  • New stylists and barbers

  • Seasoned stylists and barbers that are looking to take their men's cutting skills to the next level.

  • Stylists and barbers looking to grow their business behind the chair.

The morning cutting session is a look and learn!

In the class you will get the best of both worlds. You will share the morning with Master Barber, Aref, learning a men's fade, plus tips and tools for blending. This 2 hour look and learn will have you feeling more confident behind the chair.  Aref will be sure to send you back to the salon with an arsenal of tips and techniques that will help you grow your male clientele.
From 12:00 to 2pm, you will spend your time with former stylist/salon owner and business coach Nina Tulio. In this jammed packed 2 hour session, you will learn how to create your own success behind the chair.
You will learn:

-The simple receipe for success
-How to create more income, which will lead to financial freedom
-The 1 tip that will take your client's salon experience from good to GREAT! This will also increase your retention rate!

Join us for a full day of inspiration while you learn both technique and business!
A double threat in the beauty industry. 

Meet Aref- Aref is has been in the industry for 9 years and has owned his barbershop for 3 years. Aref is also an educator for Team Popular Nobody and is a men's cutting specialist at Paul Mitchel The School in CT. He has mastered the art of barbering, not by only giving his clients a great haircut, but by providing them with an exceptional experience.



                                    Follow us on Instagram @nina2leo and @arefdabarber

                                    Follow us on Instagram @nina2leo and @arefdabarber

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