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thank you so much!
classes start february 19th 

I am so excited you are here! What a better way to start off the year than to invest in yourself and building and your career! I first want to thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey! I completely understand all that goes into building a solid book of clients. And this is why I decided to create this 4 week online course. I want you to feel confident, inspired, empowered, and ready to hit the ground running.  You will have a ton of new promotional ideas, a new perspective on growing your book, and sense of feeling like you have someone to go through this journey with. I am with you every step of the way! XO, Nina   
Let's get started so you can bring in a ton more new clients, and make more money so you can live a happy, secure life of financial freedom! 

So here's how it works:

-Once class opens on Feb 19th, all you have to do is go to my website, click on the login link, or use the link from the emails you will receive every Monday, and you are ready to get started. 

-Every Monday morning starting February 19th, I will upload a new 30 -60 minute webinar for you to view at your leisure! However, I do recommend that you watch the webinars per week, so you do not become overwhelmed. Plus you will have homework to do every week and I do not want you to get behind.  You will also have access to all my PDF files, scripts, quick links, and so much more! 

-Keep and eye out because you will also receive an email reminder every week for the next 4 weeks, reminding you of our class topic for the week. Remember this is a 4 week course with 6 CLASSES! YEP! This is bootcamp baby! 

Here is the bootcamp class schedule:
FEB 19th- Stand Up and Stand Out/ 5 Star Experience 
FEB 26th- Prime Promotions & Socials
MARCH 5TH- Beautiful Benchmarks/ Financial Future
MARCH 12TH- Retail Reality
Classes range from 30 minutes - 1 hour long