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In order to drive to an unknown destination we have to use a GPS right? Think of goal setting as a GPS to your life. You have to have a clear direction on where you're headed or you’ll never get there. In order to be successful in your business, whether it be a salon business, behind the chair,  or any other type of  business, you have to set clear goals for yourself . I recommend setting goals at the beginning of the year for the entire year. Salon owners, I recommend you set team goals and individual goals with each team member. Vision Boards are also a great tool as well. We can talk about that another time. Let’s get started. Here are some steps to get you excited about goal setting.

  1. Be specific. When setting goals you have to be very clear on what you are trying to achieve. For instance, If you want a new car. You would write: I want a black 2017 Chevy Cruz, or Audi Q3. Whatever it is you want, describe it to a tee. I want to buy a house. OK! When? Next year? This year? I want a  brick colonial with 3 beds an 2 baths in the West End. Be clear and be as specific as possible.

  2. Be realistic. Set goals that are attainable. The last thing you want to do is be disappointed that you didn't hit your goal. For instance. If you want to save money. Start slow. Say you want to put $100 a week in my savings. If you can only afford  $25 don't set the goal for $100.  Be reasonable. Make sense?

  3. Write them down. Make a goal sheet and hang it somewhere you can see it. The point of this is to motivate you . So don't hide it in a drawer somewhere. The best place is in your salon back room or in next to the bathroom mirror. This way you will see it every single day.

  4. Talk about your goals. Share them with other people. What we think is what we become ,so share away.

  5. Make Categories. Professional and personal. I usually set about 5 for each. Let’s say you have a great year in service sales and you hit 110k. The next year you would want to add 10% to that goal. Then you break it down per week so it doesn't look so daunting. In order to hit 110k in service sales I must do $2400 a week . Then you break it down by day. It's so much more attainable that way . GOT IT?

  6. Check off as you go. Do a quarterly check in on your goals. See where you are and check off any goals you have already hit. Put the check mark in a bright color so you can see you are doing well.

  7.  CELEBRATE! Pat yourself on the back when you hit a goal. Be proud of yourself!

The biggest thing with goal setting is to stay focused. Wake up everyday and be grateful what you have. Take a peek at your goals and believe in your soul you will hit them. Put the work in, whatever it takes. Know that you are awesome ,and you can do anything you put your mind to. Believe, and you shall receive.
A great book on goal setting is the Achievable Habit by Bernard Roth


Rosa Martinez, Salon Rosa M
Philadelphia, Pa

I had the pleasure of meeting and spending time with our feature salon owner, Rosa Martinez. She is such a hard worker, incredibly talented, and such a humble and kind soul. I know first hand, she has worked her butt off to get to where she is today, and It has really paid off. She has worked with celebrities like Mindy Kaling, Jenn Fredderick from Fox 29, Natalie Guercio from Mob Wives, The Salon Guy, and the bridesmaids for Amber Roses' wedding.  Check out her interview with Nina Tulio of 1N Agency. We both hope this will motivate you, inspire you , and encourage you, to share the love and keep your passion for the beauty industry.
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  1.   How long have you been in business?
      March 3 will be 4 yrs
  2. How many stylists do you have?
    3 stylist 2 assistance
    We are a boutique salon small and quaint but powerful with talent & drive to conquer big things
  3. What makes you passionate about the beauty industry ? 
    The collaboration of art and beauty and being as creative as my art desires is what makes me so passionate about the beauty industry. It's literally anything you want it to be all while looking and feeling amazing & transferring all of that vision to clients and up and coming talents. 
  4. What advice would you give to a new salon owner? 
    Be sure to have a strong system in place and a clear vision to be able to have the team on board. Also be sure to build solid relationships with other salon owners that are willing to encourage and help each other any way possible. I love the power of collaboration... lol  
  5. Is owning a salon everything you thought it would be? 
    Yes and no. I knew it would be difficult and I was all ready for it. But I find it hard in being pulled away from the artistry of hair that I love so much. Need to have the right support staff so the passion can still transfer correctly. But being able to set the tone and having the power to do so is the best part in owning a salon. 
  6. List 3 tips and tools you utilize to grow your salon business. 
    The best form of promotion is word of mouth so I believe in the "old school" way of spreading the word. I pay attention to my interaction with clients so the experience with me in my chair is what they remember and spread the word about. But we are fortunate in so many ways to have social media so definitely IG & FB. 
  7. Do you find season stylists or students out of school make better
    team members and why ? I've never worked with a season stylist, but students out of school is what I usually to go for because they tend to be more serious about becoming hair dressers. 
  8. Name one of your favorite quotes related to business? 
    "Never say you're done cause then that sets your standard...." 
    Allilon London
  9. Best book you have read?
    I wouldn't say best but one good one was "Why not me?" By Mindy Kaling  was pretty funny and interesting to hear someone's path in life.
  10. What is your definition of success? My definition of success is to be fulfilled and happy with what you do in life. The reward will be prosperous with a genuine heart. I'm all about "the seed you plant is the seed that grows" To sum it up , success is to be positive.
Rosa Martinez, Salon Rosa M

Rosa Martinez, Salon Rosa M

Rosa and her Makeup artist doing what they love. The client's smile says it all!

Rosa and her Makeup artist doing what they love. The client's smile says it all!