Choosing a color line for a new salon or changing a color line in an existing salon can be a daunting task right? So let me give you some tips on how to go about this without wanting to rip your hair out. Most salon owners already have an idea of the color line they are in love with, but some may want to step outside the color box and try something new.

  1.  Do a ton of research on the brands you are interested in. Knowledge is power and the last thing you want is to get a color line you are not happy with and then you end up changing it. 
  2.  Talk to your reps and other salon owners to gain feedback on what they are using and if they like it. That is a safe bet because stylists already have their hands in it and can give you honest feedback.
  3. Narrow it down to 2 or 3 top picks and ask your rep to give you a few boxes of color to try it out. Try it on yourself or another stylist to get a true read. I mean let's face it. We won't know if we like until we get our hands in it. 
  4. You also want to choose a color line that is consistent with your brand. For instance.. If you are a more natural salon you want to choose something along those lines and find somthing as natural as possible. Get my drift? 
  5. PRICE POINT- This is super important. You want to find a color line that performs well, but it also has to be within your budget. If you are charging $60 for a color service then you may not want to purchase a color line that is over $6 per tube. If you do you will throw off your profit margin. Keep this in mind. 
  6. GET YOUR TEAM INVOLVED. Your team must absolutely love the color line they are working with. Most stylists will only work with a color line that they have worked with before or have heard of before. Have them try the new color line on eachother and really have them weigh in on the new line. Take a vote and be sure everyone is on the same page! 
  7. Last but not least... If you are switching color lines. Talk to your rep because most companies offer a buyback program. Meaning you get a tube for each tube you turn in. Every company is different but it's always good to know going in. 

So happy coloring, whichever color line you decide on.  And Remember, we are all making this world beautiful. Not in black in white... IN Color...