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We all know the importance of great service in the beauty industry. I mean we are a service based business. We take care of people. We make them feel good about themselves, and we have to do our best to keep up with the 100 salons that are just miles form your salon. Let's be honest, anyone can go anywhere and get a great haircut. So you really have to step up the level of experience for your client so they feel valued beyond just receiving a good haircut. Service with a smile will help your client retention. 

  1. Have a client intake form. This helps you get to know your client a little better. It also helps you understand their needs to provide them with a better experience. 
  2. Greet them and welcome them warmly into your space. Statistics show that people feel less nervous when you say the word "Welcome" to our salon. Shake their hand and always guide them back to your chair. Never ever point to show them the way.
  3. Be sure your client never lifts a finger while in your salon. From hanging their jacket, offering them a beverage, wifi, and anything they need while they are enjoying their time with you. Maybe some wine on a Friday? 
  4. Send them a hand written thank you card. Nothing is better than receiving a nice post card  in the mail telling them how much you enjoyed meeting them. It's just the little things. 
  5. Add value to their experience. A hand massage while processing, a hot towel during their shampoo, lavandar oil on their temples during their shampoo. Make them never want to leave you because they are feeling so relaxed and pampered. 
  6. HUG YOUR CLIENTS. Give them a hug on the way in and out. Show them how much you appreciate them. This really goes a long way. 

The best type of service is one that another salon can not recreate. Team work is crucial. Be sure every single stylist welcomes each and every guest. Make them feel like family. If you are out on vacation, that client should feel comfortable enough to see someone else. LOVE your client like your job depends on it....... Because it does! 


We all know how tough it is to find the perfect fit for your salon. Hiring the right team is one of the most important steps in growing your salon business. After 23 years of trying different hiring methods, finding out what works and what doesn't work, I wanted to share some of my tips on successful hiring. I think salon owners and managers would agree, this is probably one of the most difficult tasks in our industry. Ok so let’s talk about how we go about finding that “perfect” stylist.

  1. First off. Where do we find great stylists in the first place? I recommend creating good relationships with your local beauty school. They can give you the inside scoop on upcoming graduates and how dedicated they are to this industry. Taking in a graduate can be very lucrative for your business. New graduates are like sponges. They soak up everything quickly, they love learning new things, and they are hungry to get out on the floor to start taking clients.  Referrals from other stylists is Always great too.

  2. Social media frenzy. Social media is huge right now, especially in the beauty industry. Take advantage of your audience. Plus someone you know may know a talented stylist. And we all know how important referrals are for our business, whether it be a new client or a new stylist referral. Be sure to post in detail what you are looking for and post it consistently once or twice a week. You can also share your posts directly to the beauty school's facebook page. This will help attract not only new graduates, but alumni students as well. And finally, I recommend having a join our team tab, or career tab on your website constantly. It is so important to always be on the look out for new, fresh talent. 

  3. Hiring Process. Have 3 interviews. 2 getting to know you interviews and then include a live hair cut and or color in the third interview. As a part of this interview process you can make it pretty interactive. Have them spend an hour or two with the team while the model is processing to see how they interact with your team, and how they fit into your brand and salon culture.  Also have your team interview them causally. I mean after all they will be working with them just as much as you.

  4. Background check. YES I said it. Spend the $35 to $50 to run a background check. These team members will be around your money, your clients, your team, and almost every aspect of your business.

  5. Research. Do as much research as you can on your potential team member. Check their references. Business references are most important. Personal references are kind of silly. I mean really. No one is going to put down a reference that is going to say horrible things about them. Check out their social media pages. Instagram ,Facebook, Linkedin, etc. You would be amazed at what you can learn about someone from their media pages.

In the end, we cross our fingers and hope for the best. You never really know someone until they spend about 2-3 months with you. Be sure to spend time training them, coach them weekly, and really get to know them both personally and professionally. Most importantly listen to your gut. It will never steer you wrong. Good Luck!  A Great company to use for a background check is Best Hire

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