Stressed out during a slow time at the salon?

Are you singing the blues because you are having a slow period behind the chair? Don’t worry! You’re not alone. To help you along the way, Here are some tips to get you back and kicken...

1. Be sure to add value to your services. Instead of running a promotion for a dollar amount off your services. Add in something that makes the clients feel special. Offer a complimentary glaze or gloss treatment when they schedule today or this week. Give them a treatment. And promote it on social. 

2. Kick it up on social media. If you have slow periods, you need to increase your head count per day and per week. One way to do it is to start posting great content that is totally geared toward your perfect client and kick it in overdrive. Meaning post 3 times a day. Think about who you are trying to attract and speak their language. 

3. Increase those add on services. It’s easy to get comfy behind the chair and not talk to every client about the add ons that they need. But if you don’t do it. Someone else will. Make it a point to educate and recommend an add on service to every client that sits in your chair. If you can’t increase your service sales with new clients. You CAN increase it with add on services. Two a day at $25 on a 4 day week is $200 extra A WEEK in services sales.

Last tip... sit down and figure out how many clients you need a week to fill your book. Be sure you know what your average ticket as well.
This will give you a goal to work toward and help you stay focused! The time is now for you to make 
sh$$ happen in your life. Lets do it!

Xo, Nina

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