Changing the tipping game in the industry.

To all my salon owners out there. How many times did you wish you had a solution that would simplify the tipping system in your salon? Some salons are only taking cash tips, which can be an inconvenience to the guest since most people do not carry cash. And then you add in those astronomical monthly merchant service fees, and then add having your team wait for their tips to be paid out in their bi weekly paycheck. Not anymore!

I have a solution. Meet TIPPY. Tippy is a tipping platform that is changing the game in the salon industry. For one, the tips are being disbursed directly to the stylist, and it is reducing fees for the salon owner in a major way. What is it that you ALWAYS hear me SAY? Every, single, dollar counts in this business. So if there is a platform that will save you money per month, as a former salon owner……., I say check it out to see if it’s a fit for you!

P.S…There are quite a few salon owners in my private FB group that are using Tippy and they love it!

Let me break this down for you and tell you how it works.

Once you decide to get on board, you receive a nice little kiosk from tippy. It is about the size of an IPAD. This little thing sits on your desk, and for the first time or two, you can walk your client through how to tip their stylist using the TIPPY kiosk. YES! This is a separate transaction from your credit card machine. However with the owners I have talked to said their clients didn’t really mind that at all.
it’s all in the presentation and communication my friends.

I do recommend 3 things before even setting this thing up.

#1 Have a team meeting to ensure your entire team is on board. Tell them how it works, show them how easy it is, and share with them the benefits to them. IE: The stylists receives their tip DIRECTLY into their bank account within 24 hours of the transaction. WHOA! No more waiting a week or two for their tips.
#2 Have a script prepared for the team to walk them through the transaction with the guest. Maybe even create a sheet that has some answers to some of the questions your clients will be asking. Like; why did you guys get this machine? Why am I doing two separate transactions.
Prep your team ahead of time.
#3 Lastly, send out an email marketing campaign introducing TIPPY to your guests before they even try it out. It is all about communication. Get them excited about it!

Why your stylists will love it? In chatting with the salon owners that have been using it. They have mentioned the salon tips have actually increased. This in part is due to the fact that TIPPY showcases the amount of tip in % and $ amount. TIPPY states in their Beta testing, tips have increased by 30%. Thats HUGE!
The stylists also love it because they receive their tips in their bank account within 24 hours of the transaction. The stylist will download the TIPPY app to their phone, connect it to their bank account, and every time they receive a tip from a guest…. a little CHING CHING sound is made and boom, it shows them the tip amount and how much will end up in the bank account the next day. It is that simple.

TIPPY is also great for pulling tipping reports. You can access the reports for your salon to make book keeping a breeze, and your stylists can do the same. They can access their own tipping report through the app. This makes accounting so simple and easy for both parties when it comes to reporting all tips as revenue for the stylist and the salon owner.

Why your clients will love it? I have heard that some clients are actually happy knowing that the tip they left is going directly to the stylist and within 24 hours. It gives them a sense of comfort.

So there you have it my friends. I love presenting you with options so you can pic an choose what works best for you and your business.

Interested in learning more? Please click the link below. The TIPPY team is so friendly and very responsive. They are happy to answer any questions you may have on the process and they will fill you in on the fees and annual subscription.


*Please note that salon owners are responsible for reporting ALL tips that are run through the Tippy kiosk and their salon business in general.