As you know, I am always on the hunt for anything and everything that I can do to help make your life a little easier behind the chair. As an independent artist, chair renter, freelance artist, I understand what it takes to keep everything on point when it comes to your appointments, and beyond. I met the founders of Belbella and loved what they had to offer, so of course I wanted to share it with all of you.

Check out the latest app called BelBella!

I recently had the pleasure of meeting two of the cofounders of BelBella, Matie and Paul. They came to a workshop I was giving to see a bit of what I was all about, and then we got together afterwards. Matie is the CEO, the visionary behind the company, and leads the business operations. Her business partner, Paul, is the CTO of Belbella and is responsible for the technology side. The third co founder, Valeska, is a UX expert.

Here is the vision for the business from their perspective!
Matie’s vision for the company is that it focuses entirely on the needs of independent beauty professionals. She wants to offer in addition to the software solution an education solution. The educational part includes, career advice, sales tips, webinars, workshops and training—everything pros need to be more successful in business. To provide this education BelBella wants to partner, rather than developing it on their own.

They heard about 1N Agency and the work I do, and they reached out to me. The rest is history! Their team provides the software, and 1N Agency will complement that under an umbrella they’re calling “Career Academy." There are lots of software options for salons, but Matie saw an opportunity to focus on professionals that rent suites, rent chairs as well as those that are mobile. The team is a very savvy and experienced, and most of them have worked together in the past. They are focusing on the right things. Making it super easy for beauty professionals to manage their appointments on the one hand, and making it super convenient for clients to book with their favorite professional, all from one app. By automating the tedious manual steps, of responding to text and calls, sending reminders, marketing your services, etc. they allow the professional to focus on what they love and on making more money, in a more effective and efficient way!

I added their video for you guys below! This will give you more insight on what it is that the Belbella App can provide for you, your business, and your clients.  

I also recommend checking out their website and getting a feel for how it all works!
Click the red link below to check it out and enjoy! Nina xo

P.S.... You will start to see some of my blogs and education on their website under their academy section!