6 ways to commit to growing your salon business

We all know growing a business behind the chair has its ups and downs. It can be so enjoyable and so overwhelming at the same time. Not knowing how fast you will build your book, will you keep your book, will clients love your work, will they return, or send you referrals. In the mean time! Guess what? You have bills to pay and a family to support!

So I’m all about celebrating the little wins along the way. Which means you have to set up little plans of action. So here’s what I would love for you to do to kick this off.... .

Commit to CONSISTENCY in the following ways to build your business. .

1. Social media. One of the top ways to build your business. Commit to posting 2 times a day with client driven content. 
2. Commit to taking amazing photos of your work with every client. Before and after shots, after shots, and be sure to show your clients face and personality in some of your photos. 
3. Commit to delivering a 5 Star, knock out experience EVERY single time to every single client. 
4. Commit to handing out 3-5 referral cards to EVERY client. 
5. Commit to education every month! Take a new hands on class, business classes, or an online course so you can deliver technically every single time! 
6. Commit to self care! At least once a week, take time to refresh and refuel. Do something for yourself that fills your soul.

Much love my friends! 

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