A BEST Book List For Business Building

I love the fact that so many salon owners and stylists are listening to podcasts and reading more or more!
I receive emails and messages often asking for a list of my favs. Since there are so many GREAT books out there to help owners, stylists, and entrepreneurs build a successful business.  I decided to get a little help from some awesome salon owners that are a part of my private Facebook group. The list below has some of my favorites including:

The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy, Crushing It by Gary Vaynerchuk, and  6 Indicators of Business and Life by Kelly Cardenas. And as a Bonus…. If you are looking for some great insight on leadership.
Listen to Simon Sinek on TED TALK.. TRULY amazing.!

Enjoy the list! Happy Reading

  1. 6 Indicators of Business and Life - Kelly Cardenas

  2. The Energy Bus- Jon Gordon

  3. You Are  A Badass -  Jen Sincero

  4. Girl Wash Your Face- Rachel Hollis

  5. Find Your Why-  Simon Sinek

  6. Miracle Morning - Hal Erod

  7. You Do You- Sarah Knight

  8. You are a  Bad Ass at making money- Jen Sincero

  9. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F***- - Mark Manson

  10. The “Be” series by Tina Black

  11. Start with why -Simon Sinek

  12. Tribes - Seth Godin

  13. Daring Greatly - Brene Brown

  14. Start With Why - Simon Sinek

  15. Girl Boss-  Sophia Amouroso -

  16. Think and Grow Rich- Napoleon Hill

  17 . The Secret - Rhonda Byrne

  18. The Power Of NOW  - Eckhart Tolle

  19. Profit First- Mike Michalowicz

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