The ultimate goal for a hairstylist is to eventually become a 6 figure stylist.
Meaning you would bring in 100k + in SERVICE SALES every year behind the chair. If you follow me, you always hear me talk about goal setting, providing a 5 star experience for your clients, and all the must haves behind the chair to hit this goal. Yes of course you have to attract new clients, however it's even more important to keep the clients you have. Enter client retention. This equals more referrals, more retail sales, and more of your perfect target client. I have tons of blogs and facebook LIVE videos which you can watch right here on my website (under education) that will show you how to attract new clients, retain them, provide them with a five star experience, and grow your business in general.
 BUT.... right here right now, I want to give you the calculation to hit 6 figures. And don't worry if you are a new stylist. I will give you your own calculation. Baby steps to get you to become a six figure stylist in a year or two. It's all about small wins. You don't have to set these outlandish goals right away. Be realistic. 
Here we go....

GOAL 100K- Divide 100k by 52 weeks and this =$1923 A WEEK in service.
Divide that by the # of days you work. If you work a 4 day week you have to bring in
$480.75 A DAY in service sales. If you work a 5 day week it's $384.60 A DAY. 

GOAL 75K - Divide 75k by 52 weeks and this = $1443 A WEEK in service. Divide that by the number of days you work. 4 days week = $360.75 A DAY
5 days a week= $288.60  

GOAL 50K- Using the same formula as above you must bring in $962 A WEEK in service.
4 day week= $240.50 A DAY
5 day week= $192.40 A DAY
YOU CAN SO DO THIS! Depending on your average sale, you really only need 3-4 clients a day. 

You then break this down even more and using your average ticket this will tell you how many clients you need to see a day. I use the 75k and the 50k a year for stylists that are in their first few years behind the chair. On average it takes a stylist between 3-5 years working AT THE SAME SALON to become a 6 figure stylist. Be sure to track your numbers by hand every day, be consistent in your marketing, social media, and give your clients a 5 star experience every, single, time. CONSISTENCY is key! 

P.S  Did you know that the average hairstylist makes 22k a year? What is your goal to make this year? Are you close to 6 figures? Are you close to your personal goal this year?  
Be sure to download my tracking sheet to help you stay focused and get you closer to your target goal!

*These figures do not include your expenses. These figures show gross revenue of six figures before taxes and expenses. Be sure to adjust your weeks based on your vacation time.