Muse Salon and Spa- Johns Creek, Georgia
Salon Owners- Daniel and Jody Mason-Jones
Facebook- Muse Salon and Spa
Instagram @musesalonandspa

Muse Salon and Spa may sound very familiar to you. It may be because last month I featured their stylist Laci Meeks. I was so impressed with her success, they way they run their salon business, but more so impressed with the way they invest in their team. I absolutely had to feature them this month and share their story. They opened their salon in July of 2005. "After we both were working for other salons, we decided we wanted to start our own salon company that focused on education and giving the guest a very specialized experience." They currently employ 34 stylists , 2 estheticians, and a team of 6 Guest Service Experts. Nothing excites me more than sharing a true success story. In our interview you will learn the importance of team coaching and they how make this a priority every month. As always, we hope this interview will motivate you, inspire you, and encourage you, to continue to share your love and passion for the beauty industry. Enjoy!


1. What has been one of the hardest things to overcome since becoming a salon owner?
One of the hardest things about owning a salon, is the heartache of losing staff. There is never an easy "goodbye" whether it be a staff member moving away, changing careers or changing salons. The best advice I teach others and remind myself is, they are all leaving at some point. This helps make it a tiny bit easier.

2.   Tell me about your mentor and the importance of having a mentor in this industry.
Mentors are so important within the industry, we have so many that we look up to. It would be hard to pinpoint one in particular. We have such a large network of strong leaders in our circle and we all rely on one another for encouragement and leadership insight.

3.   What piece of advice would you give to other salon owners who are also just starting out in the business?
For any salon owners just starting out, I strongly suggest immersing themselves with the Summit Salon Training programs. As an educator, I see so many salons that are one or two ideas away from experiencing tremendous success. These systems are proven, tried and true to running a successful company.

4.  You and your team have quite a presence on social media. Can you give us some tips on how to utilize these platforms to attract new business?
Between all of the various social media platforms and our team, we are connected to well over half a million people. We use these platforms to share our love for beauty, trade secrets and thousands of beautiful images. There are weeks that we average 20 new clients a week just from social media. This does not include the walk ins or call ins. You must stay current and always engaged with the audiences that are following you. I actually teach two social media classes for this very topic.

5.   What are 4 things salon owners MUST do on a regular basis to grow and maintain a successful salon business?
#1 Education  Clients know when a salon is on their game. We live in a technological world where clients have access to so much information. They should never know more than us, the professional

#2 The salon should be aware of their brand and make sure the community knows that message loud and clear. Also, it cannot waiver, stay true to who you are. Nothing is worse than sending mixed signals and info to your community.

#3 Keep the team on one page. This goes back to the branding. The team should meet at minimum, once a month to keep everyone on the same page. At Muse Salon and Spa, we meet the last Friday of each month before work for one hour to celebrate achievements, plan and go over new products and events.

#4 Stay motivated!!!! As an owner, it can be so hard to be a constant cheerleader after all of the day to day stress of leadership. Often we are the busiest stylist in the salon and we have to deal with the craziness behind scenes of ownership. But..... this is the life we signed up for and we must try to learn the perfect balancing act. Surround yourself with other strong leaders to help keep each other lifted.

6. You are a commissioned based salon. Tell me the importance of coaching and personally investing in your team? How often do you meet with them, and how do you think this impacts your team?
We are a commission based salon tucked away in the northern suburbs of Atlanta. We chose this culture because we feel strongly that a stylist can earn unlimited amounts of income in the particular structure that we provide. Not only do we offer a very generous commission, we were absolutely thrilled the day we were able to offer IRA retirement accounts with matched funds from muse salon and spa and most recently, we were able to provide two options of really great insurance plans for the team. We feel that in order to have a great staff, we must offer things that aren't average. There are quite a lot of six figure and even one seven figure (yes...... seven figure) hairstylists on our team. It feels great watching these artists succeed and grow within our career minded culture. We meet once a month as a team and one a quarter with each individual team member. This is time consuming but is so necessary for the growth of the artist and the company. Our team enjoy working in a culture where they matter.

7. What is one of your favorite books and why?
I have two amazing books that have changed me as a leader. One is The Compound Effect and the other is Good Leaders Ask Great Questions. My library is completely full of great reads to help me grow in my role as a servant leader.