Stylist: Vincenzo Lauretta
Salon: Lamoda Salon
East Northport, NY


Vincenzo has been a stylist for 10 years! Following in the foot steps of his father, he has definitely become a stand out in this industry. What caught my eye about Vincenzo other that his talent of course, is the diversity within his craft. When you check out his work below, and on social media, you will see he has clients that range from long hair balayage, to short textured bobs, to curly girls with texture, whether it be short or long hair. In our interview you will read about some tips on cutting curly hair dry, how continued education is key for growth, and the importance of building solid relationships with your clients. Vincenzo is also an educator for Brazilian Bond Builder. "I am not Micheal Jordan of hairdressing, but I do have persistence to better my craft led by miles of passion." We both agree that passion and persistence is one of the keys to become succesful in this industry. As always, we hope this interview will motivate you, inspire you, and encourage you, to continue to share your love and passion for the beauty industry. Enjoy!


1.   What advice would you give to a stylist coming out of school? What should they expect? My best advice to give to a stylist coming from cosmetology school would be "that's not enough." Beauty is forever evolving. We must always evolve in the hair world, seek higher platforms of hair education,  being hands on, and learn the business.

2.   What makes you a stand out in the industry? What is your specialty? I would like to think people know me for being a diverse stylist, well rounded. I never want to turn a client away because I am unable to do "their hair."

3.   How did you decide this was the career for you ? When did you know this would be your career path? I'm a 3rd generation hairdresser. My father and grandfather paved the way. Hair is all I ever known. I became serious with hairdressing when I turned 19, so almost a decade! 

4.   You have quite a presence on social media. Can you give some tips on how you utilize social media platforms to grow your business behind the chair? Social media is the best tool that's ever happened to my hair career. You must put in the work to grow followers organically, just focus on social media as much as you do on your haircut or color and you will be great at it! 

5.   Besides giving a great cut and color what do you feel is also important in terms of retaining clients and growing a book? What helped me to grow my book like no other was and is social media (Facebook & Instagram). I spend a lot of time talking to future clients, building relationships, letting them know I would love to do their hair . Also by doing that, I create the clients I want!

6.   What is your biggest accomplishment? What are you most proud of in your career? Being able to travel the world, doing something I love is a huge accomplishment to me. It's something I wanted since the beginning. Teaching stylists of all different races and bringing all of our differences together because of hair is something I'm humbled and proud to be a part of.

7.   Using only 4 words. Describe the most important attributes of a successful stylist? Relentless, humble , passionate , sincere.

8. You are a curly hair specialist. What are some tips you can offer to help other stylists who are interested in working with curly hair? Curly hair is a life style that is very misunderstood. Cutting curly hair depends on the consultation and the curl pattern. I do mostly dry cutting because I enjoy seeing the natural shape form. Take time with your client to understand her and her curls. Fill her with positive reinforcements while providing a shape that flatters her face. Do a great job on her hair, and she will be forever your client. One last thing! Be sure to invest in a great pair of shears. I use Karg K- Wide shear for dry cutting

 9. How important is continued education? How often are you investing in education? I love education. I go at least ten times a year to shows around the States. I have no gifted talent,"I am not Micheal Jordan of hairdressing, but I do have persistence to better my craft led by miles of passion."