Bianca Stout

Meet our feature Independent Artist, Bianca. I have been following her work on facebook and Instagram for some time now. I love her hunger for growth and her passion for her craft. Bianca has been in the industry for 10 years. She got into the industry because she is a people person. "I love to meet people, learn about their stories. And most importantly, make them feel good about themselves." What is most important to Bianca is making an impact in someone's life, by just listening to them and making them feel beautiful! "It's is such a rewarding feeling." In our interview, you will learn more about Bianca's journey as an independent artist and how she remains a stand out in the industry! As always, we hope this interview will motivate you, inspire you, and encourage you, to continue to share your love and passion for the beauty industry. Enjoy!

1.   As an independent artist what advice do you have for other stylists that are currently independent or thinking about going that route?
First outweigh the pro’s and con’s of leaving commission/hourly and booth renting/opening your own space. Being your own boss isn’t for everyone & it takes an individual that possesses certain qualities in order to be successful as an independent stylist. Things such as time management and knowledge of book-keeping are very important.

2.   What makes you a stand out in the industry?
I’ve never tried to be anyone else. In this industry, it can be very easy to piggyback someone else’s ideas, especially when they’ve “gone viral” and I’ve always stayed true to myself. I don’t try to do what’s “popular” but instead see what’s trending and find a way to make it into my own.

3.   How did you decide this was the career for you? When did you know this would be your career path?
I always knew this is what I wanted to do. But it wasn’t until I made a trip to a local career technical school just before high school did I realize this could be career path for me. I have always had an artistic and creative side to myself but I never really excelled in certain aspects of art such as singing or painting. They are things I enjoy but, not necessarily good at. But give me a color bowl and brush & I’ll feel completely at home.

4.   You have quite a following on social media. Can you give some tips on how you utilize social media platforms to grow your business behind the chair?
Someone once gave me great advice and I’ll never forget it. They said “Create the account you would want to follow”. If there’s something in particular you want to see, create it and put it out there. If it’s someone you’re interested in, there’s a good chance others are too. Also, engaging with your followers is very important. For every person that comments on your photos, comment back. Like their work, follow them. If you want engagement on social media, you’ll need to give it, in order to receive it.

5.   Tell me about your mentor and how they have helped you grow? How important is having a mentor in this business?
If there’s one person in this industry I look up to, it’s Rebecca Taylor. She was the first person I ever saw do “vivid colors” and it blew my mind. Completely changed the game for me and I know it has for others too. I think it’s crucial to find someone to look up to as someone you aspire to be. It’ll not only be a source of inspiration but something to strive towards.

6.   What is your biggest accomplishment? What are you most proud of in your career?
On New Years Eve, I had a conversation with my boyfriend about new years resolutions. I told him I wanted to be a platform artist and educator. In less than two months, I was asked by Keracolor to be an educator. All because I believed in myself and put myself out there. The only thing holding me back prior to this was myself. I am proud that I took one step forward and trusted my talent.

7.   Using only three words. Describe the most important attributes of a successful stylist? Ambition, Drive, and Spirit

8. You are a balayage specialist. What are some tips you can offer to help another stylist create the perfect balayage?
Get out your mannequin and practice. When I have down time, I always take my mannequin and try new things. You’ll never know if something will work for you unless you keep an open mind and try it out. Look up educational videos and try a new techniques. It will help you perfect your craft, whether it’s balayage or any other technique.