In this industry, we all know it's impossible to please every single client. Although it is our goal to provide that perfect cut and color, and 5 star experience, sometimes it just doesn't happen. Did you know that more than 90% of your clients will never tell you they are unhappy with their haircut? Yes! They will just go somewhere else and never return. It is our job to let them know if they have questions or concerns with their haircut or color, they can contact you at any time. Here are 6 tips on how to handle an unhappy client and even more so how to keep them as your client.

1.     Always thank them for providing you with feedback and for telling you how they feel. Because what we don't know we cannot fix. It's also good to tell them this feedback helps us grow as stylists and as salon owners.

2.     Sincerely Apologize! No matter what they are unhappy about, even if it's just one hair out of place. Apologize and mean it. This goes a very long way.

3.     Listen!!!! Hear them out! Don't make excuses for why they are unhappy or why this happened. Just say thank you for the feedback? Apologize and move on. It truly doesn't matter how it happened it just matters that it did and they are unhappy

4.     Ask them what you can do to make it better? Of course, you will offer to fix it, but ask them what will make them feel better? Also, ask if they are comfortable with the original stylists. If not have another lead stylist or the Owner step in to take care of them … and ASAP.

5.     Be sure to let the client know it's ok they are unhappy. I had a client a few years ago that had uneven haircut from one of my stylists and she kept apologizing to me about complaining about her haircut. She was the sweetest. I had already stepped away from behind the chair at this point, but I told her I would be more than happy to take care of her. I didn't want to lose her. She was so happy! After that, I set her up with another stylist, gave her a complimentary haircut, and she become one of our best clients. I just assured her we are here to make her happy. This is your experience, your time, and your money. It must be perfect!

6. Give them a peace offering! Whether it be a gift certificate, a product, a deep conditioning treatment, do whatever it takes to make them happy! 

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