Marissa Biondino
Amici Salon and Spa
857 N Main St. Ext
Instagram- Chopstickcolor

I found Marissa on Instagram. I followed her work and just loved what I saw. Marissa is very talented and her work showcases that. She has been in the industry for 10 years. By looking at her work, you can tell she still has such passion for what she does everyday.  Education is one of the most important things that continues to inspire Marissa to be the best stylist she can be. She also mentions, "there is nothing worse than being around negativity." I agree with that 100%. Surround yourself with the people you aspire to be. We hope this interview gives you passion, purpose, and positivity! Enjoy.

- What is your specialty?
I really like to be confident in taking care of any client's needs so I make sure that my service and product education is current, relevant, and well rounded. While I love doing all color, cutting, extensions, makeup, and chemical services, I actually get the most satisfaction when I'm blow drying and styling my work. This is the part the clients will remember the most and what will keep them coming back.

- What makes you a stand out in the industry?
I absolutely and completely love my career choice. I'm not doing this to make as much money as I can or to be the biggest platform artist. I really just love doing hair and makeup and hanging out with my clients and co workers. I get to play with hair and makeup all day and happen to get paid for it. What's better than that?

- What product lines do you work with?
At the salon we currently mostly use Joico for hair coloring services. I also love Olaplex, Keratin Complex and I've worked very closely with Paul Mitchell. We have many styling lines at the salon to be able to custom create a regimen for clients individual needs like Joico, KMS, Moroccan Oil, Label M, and Aquage.  

- Why are you in the beauty industry?
When I was in the third grade, I was in the local newspaper for shadowing at my mom's hairdresser's hair salon for a career day. I've been into makeup and hair since I was a child, so it was no surprise to anyone that I ended up doing this.

- What is your biggest accomplishment?
My biggest accomplishment is actually getting to a point in my career and home life where I am content. I've achieved a balance of both. For years I was juggling between working too much and not having enough time for myself or my family. I really feel that now I can keep both stable without feeling like I'm being pulled to far in either direction. My stress has become all good stress and my mind is level.

- Who is your inspiration?
My current inspiration is watching the people around me grow. I'm so happy to know the creative people I do and love being impressed by how they evolve themselves and their careers. What we do, to me, is so rewarding and still fun and I love watching my friends go after their dreams.

- What advice do you have for stylists that feel like they are stuck or have hit a wall behind the chair? What can they do to gain their passion back about the industry?
Education is everything. Our industry is saturated with opportunities to stay current. If you feel stuck try taking, a class to be inspired. Also surround yourself with motivated stylists. There's nothing worse than being around negativity.

Meet Marissa and check out some of her work!

Meet Marissa and check out some of her work!