I asked My Facebook and Instagram friends why they left their current salon to go to a new salon. Their stories on why they left were shocking. Some of the things discussed in the salon, especially in front of the client, just blew me away. So, if you are ever wondering why your retention is low, check out these top 7 answers from our clients. Side note! Your new guest retention should be at 50% and existing should be at 75-80%.

1.     The stylist doesn't listen. Well you’re in the wrong business if you are not listening to your client. Not only did they say they didn't listen when it had to do with their style, but just in general not paying attention to their needs
2.     The client got bored. In other words, the stylist didn't offer up new ideas and style options. Keep up your education so you have fresh new ideas to share with your clients
3.     Gossiping about everyone and everything on the styling floor. What the heck! I thought high school was over? Clients are being turned off and they went elsewhere.
4.     They were overcharged or they were charged something different every time. This one is super important. In your consults, you should be talking price. No hidden fees and the client can ask you questions before you start. Be up front. Don't ask them if they want a blow dry without telling them there is a styling fee. Keep it consistent! Keep it open and honest
5.     The salon was dirty! I just can't with this one. Every hear of a duty list. Everyone pitches
in, cleans on down time, and cleans their station at the end of the week. Easy breezy, moving on!
6.     The stylist talks about herself and airs her dirty laundry. That's just a no no. Be professional. They are paying you. Pamper and love your clients. 80/20 rule. You talk only 20 percent of the time. The other 80 percent you are listening
7.     Overbooking yourself and double booking yourself. This was another popular one. Your clients want to feel special. Actually they deserve to feel special. If you must double book, ask them if they are ok with it first.

Be mindful of how your clients are feeling when they are in your chair. Listen to them, comfort them, make them feel like it's the first time you ever met them. Pay a ttention to detail. Because if you won't. there is another salon and stylist right down the street that will.

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