Teamwork makes the dream work. You hear that all the time. Once you have worked in a salon or own a salon, you truly understand that is takes a village to grow and maintain a successful salon. Did you know 85% of salons close before they hit their 18-month mark? Crazy, right? There is so much hard work that goes into running a salon and it is totally different that running any other business. But like all business one thing always remains. You need a strong team to be successful. A team that will buy into your brand, represent your business, and fits into the culture of your brand. Let's chat about the individual team members and the importance of their roles in the salon.

●      The Receptionist/Salon Coordinator. The pulse of your salon. The first person your guests sees when they walk in. Think about this. The receptionist handles the most important things daily. Greeting people, scheduling appointments, giving valuable information over the phone. They are the first and last person your guest sees every time they are in your salon, yet they are the least respected. I never understood that. Be sure you take the time to hug your receptionist/coordinator, because without them the salon would be in total disarray.

●      The Assistant. The helping hand. If used correctly an assistant can be a very lucrative hire for your salon business. Hire an assistant directly for the stylist they will be working for. There must be a bond there since they will pretty much be that stylists right hand. Train them to understand your timing, the experience you give your guest, how to technically be solid, and work with them on their confidence. This is most important so the guests feel like they are receiving the same level of service. Talk about teamwork. You must be in sync with your assistant for this to work effectively.

●      The Salon Manager.  The glue that holds it all together. In this industry, the manager either makes or breaks your business. The manager sets the tone for day. They must lead by example. Handle all the day to day functions of the salon, handle dissatisfied clients, and be the liaison between the team and the owner. The manager also motivates the team and inspires them to be the best they can be. This is truly a tough job! So be respectful and remember, communication is key!

●      The Styling Team. The heartbeat of the salon. The stylists give the salon life. Their creativity and talent give your salon its reputation behind the chair. Without great stylists, you have no salon business. Diversity is key in this area. Have different stylists that specialize in different areas. This will make you a more rounded brand. Allow them to be who they are while still representing your brand. Authentic, talent, compassion, positive attitude, hustler, therapist, creative, cheerleader, and professional! Just a few of the many words to describe a successful stylist behind the chair.

●      The Owner/Leader. The biggest job of all. Inspiring every single team member on a regular basis. Understanding what motivates them, what makes them tick, what gets them excited to work with you and stay with you for the duration. As salon owners, we walk that fine line every day of giving structure and leniency. Respect is the biggest thing between the team and yourself. Lead by example, follow through, be honest, be true to yourself, make decisions with your business in mind and not on the emotion of the team and you will always be ahead of the game. Love your team, coach them weekly, keep them in line, encourage them, get to know them on a personal level. Invest in your team and I promise you it will be the best investment you ever made.

Now that we talked about then individually, now get this. We all must work together like one unit to keep the salon moving forward. We all know how tough this can be but if everyone respects each other, communicates, is considerate of one another, and genuine and honest this should not be an easy win. Help each other sweep up when you know there is a client waiting, mix color, clean their station, fold towels, ask them if they need anything. Work together! It makes every day together so much easier. Think about how much can get done if you just pull together. What a better experience the guest will have if they see you are all getting along. Because in the end, it's always about the guest and making them feel like a million bucks every single time they walk out of your salon.