We all know the importance of great service in the beauty industry. I mean we are a service based business. We take care of people. We make them feel good about themselves, and we have to do our best to keep up with the 100 salons that are just miles form your salon. Let's be honest, anyone can go anywhere and get a great haircut. So you really have to step up the level of experience for your client so they feel valued beyond just receiving a good haircut. Service with a smile will help your client retention. 

  1. Have a client intake form. This helps you get to know your client a little better. It also helps you understand their needs to provide them with a better experience. 
  2. Greet them and welcome them warmly into your space. Statistics show that people feel less nervous when you say the word "Welcome" to our salon. Shake their hand and always guide them back to your chair. Never ever point to show them the way.
  3. Be sure your client never lifts a finger while in your salon. From hanging their jacket, offering them a beverage, wifi, and anything they need while they are enjoying their time with you. Maybe some wine on a Friday? 
  4. Send them a hand written thank you card. Nothing is better than receiving a nice post card  in the mail telling them how much you enjoyed meeting them. It's just the little things. 
  5. Add value to their experience. A hand massage while processing, a hot towel during their shampoo, lavandar oil on their temples during their shampoo. Make them never want to leave you because they are feeling so relaxed and pampered. 
  6. HUG YOUR CLIENTS. Give them a hug on the way in and out. Show them how much you appreciate them. This really goes a long way. 

The best type of service is one that another salon can not recreate. Team work is crucial. Be sure every single stylist welcomes each and every guest. Make them feel like family. If you are out on vacation, that client should feel comfortable enough to see someone else. LOVE your client like your job depends on it....... Because it does!