Creating A Salon Website

In this day and age we all know digital media is most important to the growth of your business. I want to talk to you about websites and how crucial they are to salon growth. Think about it. Your website is your first impression. They look at your site and decide whether they want to visit you or not. Does it have the vibe they are looking for? Does it match their budget? Does it have the level of talent they are looking for?. All these things are looked at by potential clients. There are 3.2 billion people on the internet. YES 3.2 billion! I want to help you tell your salon story through your website so you attract more clients. The goal is not to "sell" your salon. It's to speak directly to your client's needs. Share with them the benefits of coming to your salon, not all of the things you offer and why you're the best.  It's all about the potential client feeling a connection and then deciding to take that next step. 

  1. Be sure your website matches your brand. Keep it consistent. If your salon has a boutique feel with pale colors and vintage furniture your website should reflect that. Keep the feel and flow the same, so when your clients look at your site and  decide to come in, she/he feels like they already knows what to expect. They feel comfortable. Display the salon's personality. This is a great way to make a connection with your potential client. 

  2.  Simple is best. The less content the better. Too much content is a turn off. Just lay out your most important pieces of information and move on. You don't have to tell your whole life story just a glimpse of it. Enough to engage the client, so they feel like they want to come see you. Nice clean lines is what we are looking for. And please do not put content over pictures. It is so hard to read.

  3. Use your own photos. It always gives your website a nice touch if you have photos of your team, the inside of the salon, and shots they are your own Remember,it's all about personal connection.  If you have a picture of some random person it could make the client confused.. I would not recommend use stock photos. It takes away from the personal feeling of your brand. You don't want them to go on another site and see that same picture. Catch my drift?

  4. Font and Font Size- My oh my. I have seen some doozies. Typically you should only have 2 different styles of fonts on your site. Your font should also match your logo or any marketing pieces that are going out. The content section should be a very simple font so your clients can read it. NO CURSIVE FONTS. This font is Arial and it’s clean and easy to read.

  5. Your navigation bar. That is what is listed up on top of the page. You really should have no more than 5 or 6 listed.  Home page, contact/location, promotions, menu, about, gallery,. That's all you need. This website needs to be easy for the client to navigate. Nice and simple don't make it complicated. EXTRA Tip.... Besides the home page, did you know the specials or promotion page is the MOST visited page on a salon website? Does your website have a specials or promotion page? P.S… be sure to include your online booking button on every page.

I could really go on and on. Please be sure you're also optimized for mobile as well. There are also great platforms you can use like Squarespace where you can host and design your site for a very reasonable price. I hope this gives you some insight. I feel like there will be a part 2 to this blog coming soon. In the meantime please check out some of my favorite salon websites.