We all know the power of social media in our industry right? We have the opportunity to reach thousands and thousands of people, and potential clients with one quick post. However, at times it can be overwhelming and some what time consuming. BUT, so worth it. I have discovered some of the coolest apps that will help make your life a little easier, and also help you to increase your engagement on social media. It's all about the content, content, content. These days, quick videos are one of the best ways to attract new clients and increase engagement. So here are a few of my favorites. Enjoy! 

  1.  QUIK- This app is great for creating 1 minute videos or animated picture videos. They provide different templates and you can add music. Best part... IT's FREE
  2. TYPORAMA- This app is great to ad some verbiage over your pictures. You can ad an opening for the day or a special for the week, right over one of your favorite hair photos or stock photo they provide.
  3. HASHTAG FOR LIKES- OMG! I love this one. You type in your industry or a key word, and it spits out the most popular hashtags. Best part, you copy and paste them into your Instagram post! TIP... please be sure to post your local hashtags as well.
  4. OVERVIDEO- This video app is great because it allows you to put text overlay and voice overlay on all of your videos. Remember to keep your videos at just 1 minute for Instagram. 
  5. SLOW FAST- Did you ever wonder how stylists speed up their HOW TO tutorials. Well this app is your ticket. You can upload your video and slow it down or speed it up to your liking. 
  6. ADD MUSIC- This is an app for you to add music to your tutorial video 
  7. PIC COLLAGE- Great to show your beautiful before and after pictures side by side

    One last tip. If you have and IPHONE, the portrait setting on the camera is amazing for taking professional-ish photos. Lighting makes a huge difference too! I hope you enjoy some of these apps and it makes social media a little bit more fun, and a lot more effective! 


Nina Tulio